How to install RV awning

install RV awning

The self-repair of a vehicle is a reality of our life, which often yields good results in terms of economy and quality. For example, the installation of an awning on the RV will not take much time for someone who has a minimal understanding of the device of the light-duty truck. You can order this type of repair in specialized centers, but it will cost an order of magnitude more expensive.


The main purpose of the considered device is to protect the cargo from deformations and external climatic effects.

Work on the manufacture and installation of an awning is available in many specialized firms, but to do this process yourself is much cheaper and not very difficult.

Installing an awning on the RV with your own hands: where to start?

First you need to buy a suitable fabric. It is important that it be elastic and durable. As a rule, owners choose a classic tarpaulin or PVC. The latter option is not worse than the first, has a number of advantages, subject to proper operation and compliance with standard requirements.

Not a bad model for the arrangement of the truck will be tarapaulin. This material is quite competitive, but it does not react well to stretching. Analogous to the method under consideration will be a special fabric with a rubberized base. It is more suitable for equipping greenhouses and other agrarian complexes, but as an inexpensive awning will also do.

Organization of work

Installation of an awning on the RV by your own forces will require compliance with certain rules. Firstly, you need to measure the dimensions of the frame, assumed for the awning. Secondly, do not interfere with the accurate adjustment of the area of the material and the availability of related components (glue, fixers, staples, etc.).

If you just need to repair the existing cloth, you can buy flaps of quality fabric, sew or glue them. In the case of the installation of the entire awning will need to make a drawing, cut-outs and taking into account all the dimensions of the processed body. To simplify the production by your own efforts, you can find ready-made diagrams, according to which it is quite realistic to make such an operation.

The main point is to remove the old frame

Let’s consider a real example of finishing, suggested by motorists.

Installation of the awning on the RV begins with the marking of the new and the dismantling of the old structure.

install RV awning

The main part of the work

After performing these manipulations, you can begin to attach the new base.

The final stage

To connect the eyelets with each other and use the main platform for fixing the elements, take two boards, in which five holes are drilled for bolts M8. They are used to connect the arcs of the board. In the remaining holes are also inserted screws.

Next proceed to the installation of the canopy. Measured middle of the cloth, which envelopes the carrier arc. The very installation of the tarpaulin is made by putting the wall behind the cab, drilling an additional hole through which the control clamping cloth.

After the tarpaulin has rounded the arc, it becomes available for final fixing. The edges are bolted with the required tension adjustment. If necessary, eyelets are added, followed by fixing with self-tapping screws to the wooden lag. The upper element is mounted in the same way, using bolts and adjusting the tension of the leaf.

New tents on the car – not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, the repair and installation of an awning on the RV with their own hands is the best way out for many motorists. In addition to the fact that such an operation is beneficial financially, it will take less time than turning to professionals. For some carriers, time is a decisive factor. We would like to believe that the given recommendations will help to cope with this task without any problems.