What color curtain goes with gray walls


Gray is a color adored by fashion designers and interior designers. Its palette includes dozens of shades of different warmth and saturation. Cold shades have a bluish or bluish undertone. Warm ones are brownish or yellowish. The secret of the popularity of gray is that it helps to reveal other colors in a new way. Against the background of gray, pastel shades seem even more delicate, and the brightness of neon is balanced and becomes less garish.

Given these properties, it is quite natural to use gray to decorate walls in residential and office spaces. We suggest learning how to choose curtains for different rooms and what color combinations will be the most successful.

Features of color

Gray walls in the room give the following advantages:

  • The neutral background does not bore and draws attention to the furnishings.
  • Visually expands the space.
  • You can pick up furniture and accessories of different shades, including the so-called “whimsical” (canary, orange).
  • The interior looks elegant and moderately luxurious.

Gray wall color is appropriate in any style. This shade is especially to the taste of fans of minimalism and high-tech, loft style. Light shades of gray are usually used in living rooms. Darker shades, which include anthracite, wet asphalt and graphite, are better used as a complementary color to highlight certain areas or sections of the wall. A room with dark gray walls looks gloomy enough, and with a small square meter area will seem even smaller.

Choosing curtains to match the gray walls

Gray is universally combined with bright and pastel colors. In rooms with gray wallpaper, you can hang almost any curtains. A good addition to this color would be purple, violet, crimson, red, red, pink, blue, blue, turquoise, yellow, different shades of green, cream, beige, white.

You can create a monochrome effect if you complement the gray walls with the same curtains. Their shade should be slightly lighter or darker than the wallpaper, otherwise the window opening will simply be lost against the general background.

The choice of color of canvases directly depends on the shade of wallpaper. Dark anthracite or graphite complement the light textile accessories. Neutral light gray wallpaper looks beautiful against the background of pastel curtains, portieres of deep saturated shades. If you like curtains with a large floral pattern or ornament, the gray background will balance their catchiness.

Living Room Curtains

The window in the hall usually has a fairly large size, so it needs to be decorated accordingly. When choosing window textiles, focus on the area of the room and the style of its decoration. Here are the recommendations given by designers:


An elegant combination of gray and white is suitable for a classic setting. The walls can be wallpapered or use decorative plaster. Here will suit draped drapes made of jacquard or satin fabric. Curtains can be monochrome or with a pattern or textured pattern. They are complemented by white tulle and decorated with tassels.


To create an environment in the modernist style in the hall, pay attention to wallpaper in gray-beige tones. To them pick up the curtains of warm shades, which can be pastel and bright. Very elegant is a combination of gray and beige backgrounds with different shades of brown. In the living room will look good transparent and mesh curtains, thread curtains, monochrome tulle, curtains with color blocks.


This style is close to minimalism, which determines the choice of color solutions. Often the room is dominated by elements of dark gray, which go well with glass and metal products. To create a harmonious composition, it is better to choose light curtains. Pay attention to single models of white color without a pattern.

Scandinavian style

This style is suitable for decorating the living room in a country house or a spacious hall in an apartment. Textile accessories made of linen fabric of natural shades will fit harmoniously into the environment.

Baroque and vintage

These styles are characterized by an abundance of decor, which is present literally everywhere, creating a sense of royal luxury. For such an interior you can choose velvet curtains in deep shades, jacquard drapes.


This style is otherwise called a rustic style. It is quite democratic. You can choose curtains with different prints, use draperies. It is desirable that the curtains are made of linen or other natural material.

Curtains in the bedroom

This room is designed for rest and sleep, so here it is worth using calmer shades than in the hall. To the gray walls in the bedroom, you can pick up smoky curtains with light tulle, milk-white curtains, fabrics of peach, lavender and other pastel colors.

In a small bedroom, heavy dark curtains do not look appropriate. They can be replaced by light translucent curtains. To hide the room from prying eyes, use roller blinds or blinds.

Visually increase the height of the walls helps to fix the curtains on the ceiling ledge.


Kitchen decoration

Gray walls in the kitchen are not too common. As a rule, this design option is typical for high-tech. Light gray wallpaper will suit the style of Provence. In the first case, it is recommended to use laconic single curtains or white matte tulle. Provence is in harmony with floral and plant decorations. Very delicately look kitchen curtains made of light translucent fabrics with green, purple, blue inclusions.

Registration of the office

Cabinet in gray tones is a classic. In the working space inappropriate bright colors. Here pick up curtains in beige, crème brûlée, vanilla. You can use textiles in blue-purple or brown tones, which look both bright and strict. Cream and powder shades of curtains and blinds reduce the formality of the environment.