How to install retractable awning

install retractable awning

Awning – canvas awning, which is something between the capital stationary awning and a lightweight awning. It is designed to cover part of the area from the scorching sunlight, it is inexpensive and simple construction, which can be easily handled with their own hands. One of the advantages of the awning in the mobility: if you want it can be quickly disassembled and moved to another place. How to build an awning for a patio with your own hands?

Fabrics for awnings

One of the advantages of such an awning is the low cost. Material will be needed to create a frame, most often it is made of wood or aluminum tubes.

You also need a special fabric that will reliably close the space from the sun . The most common are several types:

  • Dense acrylic fabric. Despite its artificial origin, in appearance it copies the woven material. The surface does not give glare, it will look very beautiful.
  • Polyester fabric. Another type of synthetic waterproof material, equipped with a special impregnation. It is widely used in manufacturing car covers, as it provides a reliable protection for the paint coating. The material does not burn out in the sun and does not lose its attractive appearance even after several years of use.
  • Fabric of PVC. It is a common option, which gained popularity due to high resistance to different temperatures, as well as the ability to withstand heavy mechanical loads. Even if you leave the awning for the winter, it will not sag under the influence of snow.

Types of awning constructions

Awnings for patio and veranda can have several variants of design, depending on the supporting frame. You can highlight the main varieties:

  • Horizontal awnings for the veranda. The awning is parallel to the ground, such a design can be installed on the veranda, terrace or in front of the porch of a country house. They are also called retractable awnings for patios, as they can be pulled out with a frame consisting of two arms connected by a joint.
  • Vertical awnings for veranda can be compared to roller blinds. They are located along the plane of the window, closing it from the bright sunlight.
  • Marquiselette. It is a construction that combines the advantages of both vertical and horizontal systems. Its upper part closes the window vertically, and the lower part can be lifted and lowered, adjusting the light flow. Such a design is often put on the big windows in the country house, for a terrace or porch, it will not be convenient.

The advantages of such a tent is quite a lot: it is lightweight structure, which can be installed quickly and easily, it is inexpensive. It does not completely block the sunlight, so even with closed windows in the room will not be able to use electricity. The fabrics used to make the awning allows you to close the terrace space from rain drops, so it will be dry and comfortable under the roof.

You can also find arched and hipped awnings: they are often used for the areas of summer cafes and other public institutions. The simplicity and low cost allows you to erect a wide variety of size and color structures.

install retractable awning

Design and construction of an awning for a country house

If you want to build a simple horizontal canvas awning, you can use several installation options:

  • On the wall and on two support columns. The difference from a simple awning is that the design allows the fabric to be rolled up, opening the house to sunlight.
  • On the wall only. The fabric is attached to a metal frame, the retractable awning will open with a shaft on bearings. The design must be rigidly attached to the wall to support the weight of the frame and fabric.

Vertical awnings for patios work on a cassette principle. You install the frame with rails, as well as folding mechanism on which the fabric will be screwed and removed in the case-cassette. Such a system takes very little space, and it can be installed in just a few hours.

When designing the need to calculate the length and width of the web, the height at the top and bottom point of the frame, the reliability of support for the wall and other parameters. In addition, you will need to buy a folding mechanism: it is difficult to make it yourself, and unprofessional assembly can cause various difficulties in the work. Everything else can be done with your own hands.

How to install a horizontal awning on a terrace

The terrace is often originally planned as an outdoor area, but then the owners come to the conclusion that it needs protection from the sun and rain, so an awning is installed on it. Canvas construction will cost less than a capital awning, and it can be put up without too much effort. If you need an awning for a patio, the cost of such a purchase will depend on the type and size of the canvas, the features of the frame and design.

Awnings and patio canopies made of aluminum are available in a wide range. The frame can assemble itself, or you can buy it ready-made. Do not turn down the lighter version, as it often turns out to be the most reliable. Work on the design and installation are carried out in several stages:

  • Making drawings, on which all the parameters are reflected. According to the drawings, it should be clear how the retractable mechanism will work. The main components of the structure: the frame (frame), retractable brackets, fabric, and the mechanism that rolls up the fabric.
  • The pattern of the fabric. Calculate the length and width of the material and cut the required piece from the roll. On average the length of the awning is 1,5-1,6 meters.
  • A rectangular frame is installed on the wall. A round aluminium tube and two metal angles are used for it. It is not recommended to connect the frame elements by welding. To make it collapsible, screws and nuts are used for mounting.
  • Holes are drilled in the wall, to which the brackets will be attached. Brackets and folding mechanism are installed, then you can stretch the fabric and attach it to the mechanism.

You can equip the awning with an electric motor, and then all you have to do to bring it into action is press a button. You can leave the manual control – and in this case it will be very convenient for use.

Typically, such a design is installed in the spring to protect windows, porches or terraces from the sun, and with the beginning of the cold season is removed. Folding system can serve for many years, the simplicity of construction will ensure reliability.

Protect the construction from corrosion

The metal frame must be protected against corrosion, as the awning is constantly outdoors and is exposed to the weather. If the frame is made of steel, it must be primed and painted in any color. Aluminum does not need corrosion protection, but the tubes can be painted to blend in with the overall decoration of the house.

Sometimes the frame is made of a wooden bar. Such a design will be in harmony with the look of a wooden house and will be quite durable.

Wood needs mandatory protection against rotting, for it is necessary to buy a special antiseptic and paint. If you treat all surfaces, the frame construction will last much longer.

Awning for a country house plays several roles at once. It is a strong and dense awning, which will protect the car and any objects from rain, it is the best shelter from the sun and a great decoration.

To put such an awning with your own hands is not too difficult, most of the construction can be bought ready-made and assembled on the spot. The fabric can be selected by color and pattern, the awning will be in harmony with the color of the walls and roofing of the house. Such a construction will be an excellent choice for any country house.

Awnings and canopies with their own hands

Any atmospheric phenomena can be considered favorable or vice versa. Nature has no bad weather, however, protection from rain and snow, direct sunlight is necessary. Gazebos, awnings, tents are becoming a necessary attribute of any country building. And urban building without these attributes is rather difficult to meet. If we switch to official language, small architectural structures should be a practical and cost-effective design that meets all the requirements of safety and to ensure a comfortable stay or pastime of the population.


Installation of canopies begin with the attachment of the tensioning mechanism to the wall. The kit includes the required number of brackets. Tools are usually included, but sometimes you have to use your own. Here you will need an electric drill, drills for wood or concrete, a hammer, self-tapping screws, dowels, screwdriver, hammer, tape measure and of course your hands.

After installing the tensioning mechanism, the supporting structure is assembled. First of all, mount the structure that serves as a base for the motion of the leaf coating. The material here is galvanized or aluminum profile. Then, if you want to make their own hands is really awning for the terrace, then set the supporting pillars. Awnings and canopies made for terraces, usually attached to metal support poles.

They are set at a distance of 2 metres, depending on the intended area, and concreted. If you use wooden bars as support poles, you will need waterproofing before installing them. The use of wood, as a permanent structure is undesirable, except as a car awning.

Retractable and sliding awnings do not differ in terms of the specifics of assembling the supporting frame. The only difference is the installation location of the tensioning mechanism. The last step is the cutting of the canvas, depending on the expected area of the future awning. The canvas is fixed in the mechanism of the twisting. That seems to be all. Of course, it is possible to show your imagination and to modify the construction in the form of execution. Awnings and awnings, including for terraces with their own hands can be made in the form of openwork arches of various designs.


In the operation of ready-made structures should adhere to several mandatory rules:

  • always remove the canvas in bad weather conditions;
  • always clean using a mild soap solution if it gets dirty;
  • keep track of the serviceability of the mechanism providing the winding of the cover.

The main disadvantages of awnings are susceptibility to moisture and direct sunlight. But modern technology allows to create fabrics that retain their protective and decorative function for a long time. So that the awning for dacha is the most appropriate option. And built with your own hands, they also bring joy from the work done.